The mission of the Institute for Journalism & Natural Resources (IJNR) is to advance public understanding of and civic engagement about natural resource, environment, development, and public health issues through better journalism.

IJNR conducts expedition-style programs of training and professional development for journalists at all career stages and from all sorts and sizes of news outlets—ranging from newspapers and magazines to radio, television and online operations. To supplement and reinforce its field-based training programs, IJNR provides reporting awards to support on-the-ground journalism projects. IJNR also offers coaching and mentoring for journalists, along with constant access to web-based tools designed to support their ongoing work. 

Over time, the increased accuracy, depth and perspective in news coverage generated by these journalists help to promote greater public awareness, better-informed civic discourse, expanded citizen engagement, and more responsible decision-making.

Please submit a resume and one clip (either as a file or as a link).

The first 25 qualified registrants who submit their materials at or after NOON (CST) on Monday. May 4th, will be sent the registration link. Early registrations will not be accepted.

Please note that we require this step only to make certain that all registrants are, in fact, journalists. 

Institute for Journalism & Natural Resources